Genuine Jade Earrings

Genuine Jade Earrings

Embrace the timeless beauty of our Genuine Jade Earrings, available in two highly sought-after grades: Clover Earrings, featuring carved Jadeite Jade set on sterling silver hooks, and Graduated Earrings, adorned with three Nephrite Jade graduated gemstones paired with 14kt gold-filled lever-back hooks and gold-filled findings. These earrings are priced at $65, offering exceptional value for genuine jade. Elevate your earlobe elegance and order now to showcase the enchanting allure of Jade!

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Gold, Silver
  • Gemstone: Jade
  • Location: Earlobe

These genuine Jade earring selections are available in two highly sought-after grades.

Clover Earrings: These carved Jadeite Jade earrings are set on sterling silver hooks.

Graduated Earrings: Three Nephrite Jade graduated gemstones have been paired with 14kt gold-filled lever back hooks and gold-filled findings.


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